Saturday, December 21, 2019

5 Reasons to Use Responsive Web Design for Your Website

The modern era brought along many new technology solutions that improve the user’s experience when visiting a website. A high percentage of people nowadays own at least one smartphone and use the device as a means to connect with people and browse around the internet in their free time. In order to simplify things for them, you may find it useful to create a responsive website that can be visited at any time and here are the 5 reasons why.

Reasons to Use Responsive Web Design for Your Site
1. User Accessibility:
Less and less people are stuck to their computers and instead feel the need to be connected anywhere, at any time. A responsive web design enables users to access your site without the use of a laptop, which is a very convenient feature nowadays. People browse websites from their respective devices, so we have iPhone users, Windows users, and Android users. A website should be designed in such a way as to be accessible regardless of the operating system an individual has on their phone. In addition to that, a responsive layout allows the images to adapt to any screen size.

2. Easier Website Management:
If you are an internet user you most likely noticed how some websites come in two versions: desktop and mobile. As a site owner, you will soon find that pretty difficult to manage and need things simplified. A retina ready and responsive site enables you to keep things in one place and not worry about having to promote and moderate different versions of the same website. Some blogs that have a mobile version are also faulty, with the pages not loading properly and too many ads. This issue can be easily solved by taking advantage of some of the best WordPress themes. If your host is the popular WordPress platform, all you need to do is pick a good, responsive theme and you’re all set.

3. An Up To Date Website:
New devices are released at the speed of light these days and old methods that functioned well on a phone may not work just as well on a new one. If you have a blog and install a responsive theme, your site will work even on the latest devices. In order for this to happen, you need to install the theme properly by following the developer’s instructions. Responsive web design will help your pages load much faster and thus people will feel more inclined to visit again.

4. Your SEO Will Be Improved:
SEO plays an important part in the success of a blog or a website these days. The most important search engines like Google are able to index your page faster if you use a responsive design, and thus you will attract more visitors this way. SEO helps people find your blog when they are searching for info pertaining to a certain field, and the higher a page is placed in searches, the better the chances to get more hits. Over time, your page will become much more popular compared to when you first started. Furthermore, a responsive theme makes things easier when it comes to sharing content from your blog. Such a theme will include social media widgets and thus you can also post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn at the same time.

5. The Novelty Factor:
Believe it or not, even the most well-known companies do not have a responsive interface yet. Most of them are still using the traditional style layouts, and so customers have a hard time browsing the site from their Android device or iPhone. If you want to be original and do something different, a mobile website is just what you need to differentiate yourself from the rest. You can be one of the very first websites that use a responsive design. This means you will be able to offer an improved browsing experience to all your visitors, who will appreciate that. A super responsive site is much easier to browse and the pages also load faster.

In the end, you can only benefit from installing a responsive WordPress theme. In case you did not know, the search engines discovered that about 20% of their users perform searches from a smartphone or tablet. The market is still new at this time, and there are many opportunities you could take advantage of. When asked, more than 50% of the mobile users decided to visit a website again if that blog provided solid mobile features. Things will only change from now on, with an increased number of people opting to browse through mobile-optimized websites. In order to get the traffic you want, take this into consideration when creating a brand new blog for your business.

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